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Following many years in education, followed by many years in mental health, I have created this place, a sacred space, to share my thinking and to use my voice, and to hear yours.  This sharing, with a focus on children, can make a difference in their lives, moving from illness to wellness.  Children are vulnerable, and for too many there is an absence of healthy adults, paying attention.  Too many vulnerable children are being influenced only by other children, or by social media, or by videos and video games, or by others disguised as healthy adults.  And for too many households, for too many neighborhoods, for too many schools, no one is truly minding the children.  I have no intention to assign blame, only to raise awareness and to make “minding our children” an urgent responsibility.

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Sometimes we just need to hit pause and take a step back to get reconnected to the "why" of what we do.  If you are working with kids (educators, parents, coaches, community leaders), you may need to refresh and reframe what's working and what's not.  Children are unique and working with them professionally is an ever-changing landscape.  Find out how I can offer objective perspective and bring unique problem solving to your group.

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George Scott, EdS, LMFT

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